Following a long delay caused mainly by the Corona virus we finally had some guests and could go sailing again. The plan was to go from La Palma to El Hierro and then on to La Gomera. On each islands we would rent a (large) car and explore the islands by car and foot. Hopefully we would be able to go swimming this time as last time the swimming areas were closed.

We had dinner soon after the guests had arrived and then voted to go outside the marina and stay in the anchorage overnight. This allowed time for the guests to at least get one swimming session in and generally chill on board. Next morning we would leave early(ish) to sail to El Hierro. The weather forecast was splendid and with a slight swell and generally wind on the beam.

The sailing was super with just enough wind to make it fast, but not scary.

The biggest bonus was Angelika caught a Mahi-mahi (Dorado); it was not enough for 6 so she promptly caught another – unbelievable…

After that excitement the remainder of the sail to El Hierro passed with little more excitement. The arrival in the marina was also uneventful other than the skipper foolishly opting to tie up on the windward side of the berth. This would prove to be a poor decision as the wind was blowing the boat away from the pontoon and the mooring lines wouldn’t stop creaking!! We moved the boat to the leeward side the next day thus eliminating the rope noise, but introducing a less bothersome fender noise. Some you win…..

We rented a car from the airport – it had to be a larger one for 6 people and the local rental place in the port couldn’t supply one. This was odd as it is the same company as the one at the airport!

The next few days were spent travelling around the island, visiting some of our favourite places and walking. Here are many pictures, with captions!

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