The trip back from Hamburg to La Palma was an uneventful, but long trip. It took nearly 10 hours as we had to fly to Tenerife, take a transfer to change airports and then fly back to La Palma.

We had filled in the required “FCS” form on the Spanish government website and printed out our special “QR” code. This was required by the Spanish authorities when returning from a risk country like Germany (!!)

Upon arrival in Tenerife we presented the QR code to the officialdom and went quickly through the immigration/health checks (including an array of infrared cameras). It actually seemed quicker than usual – the Spanish authorities seem to have got this right for once, at least on the Canaries.

As usual we were an hour too late for the airport transfer bus and 2 hours too early for the next one. So, one 90€ taxi ride later we were at Tenerife North airport and could check in for the last leg. Flying between the islands is not a problem and a QR code is not required.

Of course there were no cafes or restaurants open in the either of the airport terminals so we had to make do with stuff from a vending machine.

Angelika’s parents collected us from La Palma airport and took us back to their home for a very welcome dinner, and then on to the boat.

The boat was fine and someone (me) had thoughtfully left a bottle of wine in the fridge ready for our return. The fridge had been on the whole time we were gone powered by the solar panels.

The next thing to do was to unpack our bags. My bag was completely full of boat parts, Angelika’s was completely full of Angelika’s clothes…and just a few of mine.

Then it was time for a welcome sleep. In the morning we would be spending the day getting ready for guests coming in just a few days.

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