Our trip back to Germany was for several reasons. Angelika wanted to work for a few weeks to earn some additional money, I needed to buy lots of boaty-bits which are easier to get in Germany, we wanted to see our friends and we wanted to look at an apartment in Heilingenhagen (seaside town, German style) that was probably suitable for Angelika’s parents when they return.

We combined this with a short camping holiday and meeting Angelika’s sister (who also provided the tent). Of course it was also an excuse for a glass or two (or more) of wine 🙂

We couldn’t have picked a better weekend – bright sunshine, clear skies and a light wind. The only downside was that it got quite chilly at night. Not a problem when your sleeping bag is designed for -20C…in fact quite the opposite.

As can be seen, Heilingenhafen is a rather nice place! At least the campsite and Beach bar were very nice.

The apartment? Perfect! It’s within 10 minutes walk of the town and the marina; the marina has boats (duh!) and some very nice bars and restaurants.

Nearby is the fishing harbour complete with fishing boats, boat trips and Fish & Chips – English style!!

Next thing to do is look for a kitchen.

Giant kitchen!
Uhm….do you have anything smaller…?
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