March 2020 – Trapped by the Cursed Corona Virus!

After a boisterous sail from La Gomera to Tazacorte (La Palma) we entered a eerily calm marina accompanied by the sound of someone playing a clarinet (rather well it should be said).

We had already been warned in La Gomera that there was a distinct possibility that the whole of Spain would go into some kind of stasis in an attempt to deal with the surging Corona virus outbreak. We were not expecting the marina to be almost completely full, but with no staff to be seen.

We were helped into a free berth by an eccentric Frenchman (Jean-Claude) and a friendly Swedish family. It quickly became apparent that the lockdown had already become a fact and talking to Angelika’s parents simply confirmed this.

The next day we went to check-in to the marina and were told that we were the last boat to be admitted and that the usual formalities were on hold (including paying – yeah!) The marina would be operating with skeleton staff and restricted hours.

What does “Lockdown” mean?

  • There are no bars/restaurants/shops open at all
  • All beaches and walks are closed
  • Only chemists and supermarkets are open
  • No unnecessary travel other than going to the above or with another good reason
  • No social gatherings
  • Random but frequent Police/Guardia Civil checks everywhere
  • Free buses!

OK – it’s not a Police state; far from it, but it is eerie walking into the empty town to go shopping. You see very few people, some wearing useless masks but most not. You have to queue (2m separation) to enter a virtually empty supermarket. When I say “empty” I mean of other shoppers – the shelves are quite well stocked here.

How do we fill our time during this period?

So what can we do? Well I can say that the boat has never been cleaner and that the “to-do” list is rapidly becoming a “its done” list!

I even got around to finalising the install of the SSB radio.

Here I’ve destroyed the aft cabin and I’m about to fill Angelika’s side with wood shavings…

..drill it where?

…I should have added “No Barber shops/hairdressers open” to the above list. Does it show?

What else?

  • Fixing and cleaning stuff on the boat
  • Looking at the wildlife, particularly the brightly coloured crabs
  • Socially distanced masked meetings with other “inmates”
  • Angelika works out…
  • …more fixing 🙁
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